One Stop Shopping – Why you should use One Supplier for all your events needs.

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Big events are a lot of work. In fact, “event planner” consistently shows up on lists of the most stressful jobs in the world. It is up there with surgeons, police officers, and firefighters.

Also, if something goes wrong with one aspect of the event, you will be talking to the same point person, no matter what the issue is. This can go a long way to making your role as an event planner much easier. You will not have to worry about finding “the tent guy” or “the sound guy,” because they will all be working for the same entity. 

You might assume that shopping around is the most assured way to get the best price. This is often true. However, bundling event services and equipment might yield savings that are otherwise impossible by hiring individual vendors.

The main reason for this is that companies that offer this type of arrangement have consolidated staff. For instance, the people delivering the chairs may be the same ones setting up the tents. This allows the company to pass those savings along to you.

A final advantage of hiring a one-stop shop event planning services provider is that they most likely have experience in many different types of events and understand what it takes to make yours a success. Since they are providing you with a myriad of services, they can better anticipate needs and avoid potential pitfalls. Likewise, they may be better equipped to handle issues that do arise because they have worked with similar challenges in the past.

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